ENTICING online platform: learning, collaboration and networking space!

The ENTICING platform has been launched by the project team, providing a dedicated space for teachers to explore crowdsourcing, collaborate on various digital humanities subjects, and engage in a crowdsourcing methodology. It serves as a network for exchanging knowledge and experiences with teachers from partner countries.

The platform provides a fantastic opportunity to showcase crowdsourcing as an educational tool. Its structure, consisting of an e-learning section, a discussion forum, and case studies, offers users a comprehensive preparation for using the new self-paced e-learning tool for crowdsourcing and digital humanities. Teachers can analyze specific case studies and learn from positive practices implemented in various European countries and beyond. Furthermore, the platform enables the exchange of experiences and sharing of best practices among its members.

The platform’s design allows teachers to apply crowdsourcing techniques, engage in collaborative learning, and interact with other teachers and participants. It serves as a vibrant learning space, facilitating the transfer of knowledge and acting as a networking tool among teachers. Additionally, the platform serves as a portal for showcasing and implementing crowdsourcing ideas. It fills a gap in similar initiatives within the partner countries and sets an example for future endeavors.

By functioning as a learning and collaborative space, the platform provides participating teachers with new tools for self-paced learning. It also promotes knowledge transfer and network building, contributing to their professional development. While the primary beneficiaries are the participating teachers, the platform also benefits educational providers (both formal and non-formal) as a new digital tool for education and training.

The platform is available in English, Greek, French, and Macedonian. Its open-source nature and widespread dissemination by partners ensure its potential for scaling up and transferability to partner countries and other European nations.

You can visit and sign up to the platform here: https://platform.enticing-project.eu/

To find out more about the ENTICING Project and to access the Digital Humanities Crowdsourcing course curriculum, please visit the project website: https://www.enticing-project.eu/

The organisations working together on the ENTICING project are the University of the Peloponnese (Greece), KMOP Policy Centre (Belgium), Institouto Ekpedeftikis Politikis (Institut of Educational Policy, Greece), KMOP Skopje (Republic of North Macedonia), CARDET (Cyprus) and Spectrum Research Centre (Ireland).

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