Successfully implemented Multiplier event – Introducing Crowdsourcing and digital humanities in school education

On 25th May 2023, on the premises of the School ‘Goce Delchev’ – Negotino, KMOP Skopje held a Multiplier event: ‘Crowdsourcing of Digital Humanities in Education.’ The event took place from 10:00 to 11:30 and gathered 20 teachers.

The Multiplier event provided a safe space for participants to explore the project’s goals, activities, and results. The event started with ice-breaking activities and a brief introduction of the participants and their areas of interest in academia. Through a well-structured agenda and time management, the participants had an opportunity to explore the educational resources, the platform, and the e-course.

Considering the different ways of learning, the facilitator presented some of the multimedia resources available on the platform. The participants had an opportunity to develop their digital skills and digital literacy through activities they were motivated to actively participate and engage in open discussions about the importance of crowdsourcing in digital humanities.

The diverse group of participants included a total of 20 teachers specialized in Languages & Literature (Macedonian, French, and English language), Sports, Ethics, History, and Science. One of the event’s highlights was the participants’ motivation to learn more about the concepts of digital humanities and crowdsourcing in digital humanities. They were motivated to disseminate the online platform and produce educational resources with their colleagues.

Participants gained in-depth knowledge and understanding of how to apply crowdsourcing in digital humanities as an innovation in the school and increase the overall quality of education.

To find out more about the ENTICING Project and to access the Digital Humanities Crowdsourcing course curriculum, please visit the project website:

The Erasmus+ project is coordinated by the University of the Peloponnese (Greece) in partnership with KMOP Policy Centre (Belgium), Instituto Ekpedeftikis Politikis (Greece), CARDET (Cyprus), Spectrum Research Centre (Ireland) and KMOP Skopje (Republic of North Macedonia).

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