About the project

Working together is vital in any successful endeavor, and sharing ideas is especially important in education. Crowdsourcing – that is, obtaining information about best practices from a variety of people and/or sources– is an important method to improve the way education is conducted by teachers and received by students. Crowdsourcing in school education has had successful effects on student results in many countries. Similar to other professions, educators are using crowdsourcing techniques in preparation for their role in the classrooms.

Within this context, the ENTICING project aims at seamlessly blending the benefits of Crowdsourcing with the need to upgrade the levels of digital readiness of secondary school teachers in humanities by empowering them with competences and tools that will improve the quality of their teaching and at the same time will render them ready to respond quickly in circumstances of crisis. To this end, the project will develop an innovative, tailored and co-designed training programme to educate teachers on Digital Humanities Crowdsourcing and support them in improving the quality of their teaching.


Humanities school teachers in secondary education

ICT school educators and school principals

Students at secondary school

Educational institutions, academia and research scholars

Formal and Non-formal educational providers and trainers and School teachers that will have access to new knowledge

Civil society and key stakeholders

Public authorities

The wider public